TECNOUS is oriented to provide solutions to its customers in the field of telecommunications.

Provision of measuring instruments

We provide all type of measurement instruments to meet your needs in telecommunications.

Management and monitoring systems

Related to the measurement, testing and management of telecommunications networks.

Software, professional services related to the measurement, testing and telecommunications networks.

Capacitated in solutions adapted to the needs of its clients


TECNOUS SA is recognized as a company that focuses on ethics and moral in its actions; Sincerity and honesty with which its staff acts, allows them to carry out their tasks with enthusiasm, commitment and reliability.

Managers share day-to-day with their team, generating a constant interaction, providing a great advantage that speeds up to financial-administrative decisions.

The history of TECNOUS SA guarantees it as a consolidated company, which allows an effective contact with the factories and developers of the equipment that they commercialize.

Its team is constantly trained abroad, updating them in the advances of all the areas of telecommunications that cover their portfolio.

Our History

Our trajectory starts at 1983 when the German company Wandel & Goltermann GMBH decided to open a branch office in Argentina.

In 2000 Wandel & Goltermann sold their share capital to an American financial group; consequently, it merges with another American company called TTC, causing a reorganization and a change of corporate name. From this date until 2003 he was known in the market as Acterna Internacional.

In that year, as a consequence of the economic situation in the country, the parent company decided to close its subsidiary in Argentina. Its main employees accept the challenge of continue to direct it and it is then when a transfer of shares is born the name TECNOUS SA.

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