In Tecnous we know the importance of offer a wide range of personalized services. Each project is a success case.

Technical service

Tecnous SA has a fully equipped laboratory, with the latest in calibration, certification and repair technology. It is managed by a team of engineers, with extensive experience in the market, trained, endorsed and supervised by the factories and developers of the products that they commercialize; with a state of permanent updating.

Professional services

The professionals of Tecnous are trained in different disciplines which allows them to offer different solutions adapted to the needs of their clients, bringing knowledge and experience with the highest level in the area.

Some of these tasks are:

• Installation of measurement and management systems
• Training in technologies, equipment operations and telecommunications systems.
• Technical support – available 24 hours under support –
• Measurement services with own instruments and trained personnel.
• Consultancy in telecommunications for the implementation of networks of synchronism.
• Consulting services in ADSL, IP, provisioning and network management.
• Planning, monitoring and troubleshooting services for data networks.