Successful Direction Neutral Network trial for Technetix

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Technetix, leading provider of innovative broadband technology solutions, is pleased to announce a successful trial of its Direction Neutral Network (DNN) technology in an N+2 configuration with a prominent tier one operator in Europe. The trial, conducted in May 2023, marks a significant milestone in proving the capability of DNN in a true network environment with actual cable lengths.

The performance and reliability of Technetix’s Direction Neutral Network (DNN) access technology was validated in a practical setting. The equipment tested comprised a third-party distributed access architecture (DAA) node, a full DNN network, a 1.8 GHz multitap and third-party DOCSIS modems. In this trial, two DOCSIS 4.0 modems and one DOCSIS 3.1 modem were tested, demonstrating the backward compatibility of the solution.

Successful Direction Neutral Network trial for Technetix
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